CAM Release Adds Tombstone Machining Functionality

New Product Announcements From: 4/3/2014 Modern Machine Shop

The 2013 R2 version of Delcam for Solidworks offers support for tombstone machining, new options for stock models, enhanced support for holes and more flexible Z-level roughing.

The added tombstone machining functionality enables multiple parts to be loaded onto different sides of a fixture and then machined in one sequence. Models of the tombstone and fixtures can be loaded into the assembly within the software along with workpieces that have been programmed individually and positioned around the tombstone, and a single program can be generated for the complete set. The NC code can be generated relative to the setups of individual models or relative to reference setups within the tombstone assembly. The fixture and complete set of workpieces can be replaced, automatically in some cases, with the next set of components and the associated tombstone.

Stock model functionality has been improved, with controls to eliminate excessive tool engagement and limit the maximum depth of any cut into un-machined material. Both controls reduce tool wear and improve surface finish by avoiding overloading the tool, Delcam says. Stock models can be modified by removing operations, eliminating the need to recreate the stock model completely to make these changes.

The release also offers enhanced support for hole making by recognizing dowel holes as reamed holes. During programming, the software will automatically select the appropriate drill and reamer for the size of the hole.

Rough machining has been updated with an option to set the offset direction for Z-level roughing tool paths. Users can select whether a workpiece should be machined from the outside inwards or vice versa. An automatic option enables the software to decide the offset direction based on whether a core or cavity shape is being machined.


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