IC3D upgrades language translation software for SolidWorks with translationXPERT 2.0

By IC3D 20 March 2014

The Australia-based IC3D is a leading provider of hardware and software solutions for the manufacturing, architectural and engineering industries.

Distributed nationally in Australia and New Zealand by IC3D sister company Intercad, translationXPERT 2.0 revolutionises the way designers collaborate with colleagues and other designers around the world in their native languages.

New functionality in translationXPERT 2.0 means any SolidWorks drawing (including DWG imports) can now be automatically translated and output as a foreign-language PDF document.

The software has also been upgraded to work seamlessly with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM’s workflow engine, allowing translations of SolidWorks documents to be generated automatically on release.

Intercad sales and marketing director Mark Deere-Jones explains that translationXPERT has changed the way many customers do business, helping them overcome communication bottlenecks, reduce turnaround times on global projects, and eliminate issues that have literally been ‘lost in translation’.

According to Deere-Jones, with the enhancements to the software, not only have they expanded its reach through the use of company-wide custom dictionaries for multiple foreign languages, but have also given their customers anytime, anywhere access to Intercad’s Global Dictionary.

SolidWorks Enterprise PDM integration adds another layer of usability, allowing PDM customers to continue working with foreign partners irrespective of location and without deviating from their original workflows.

By alleviating the need for designers to manually translate feature names, drawing annotations, custom properties, configurations, display states, title blocks and tables, translationXPERT is a valuable tool for designers working in today’s multinational environment. It is best suited to fabricators, industrial designers, tool designers and professionals in related engineering fields that use SolidWorks and need to collaborate with international partners, work for overseas clients, or submit their foreign-based manufacturing orders to tender.

Deere-Jones adds that the translation engine is fast and efficient, taking just a few seconds to output a document in a foreign language. Being fully integrated into SolidWorks, the software ensures designers don’t need to work outside the SolidWorks environment or waste time learning another application.

Source: http://www.ferret.com.au/articles/news/ic3d-upgrades-language-translation-software-for-solidworks-with-translationxpert-2-0-n2513049

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