MMU approves updating AutoCAD with a new program

Friday, March 14, 2014
By Jesse Brown/Staff Writer

Marshall Municipal Utilities Board of Public Works met for its meeting Thursday, March 13, to approve a new AutoCAD program, BricsCAD, including a yearly subscription. AutoCAD is used to create drawings for projects.

Monty Chase, director of underground facilities, stated in his report an update of its current AutoCAD program was needed. However, to upgrade to AutoCAD 2014, it would have cost $4,960, with a yearly subscription fee of $920.

According to his report, the engineering department researched an alternative called BricsCAD and found the program “is equal to or superior to AutoCAD and at a much lower cost. The two licenses for the new BricsCAD are $1,150, with a yearly subscription rate of $320.

The board approved unanimously, saving $3,810 and $600 respectively.

The board also approved Administrative Services Director Ken Gieringer’s recommendation to request quotes for geotechnical engineerings for the proposed warehouse site. Back in February, Gieringer spoke up about the need for more storage space. Since the service center was built in 1997, the Internet, underground facilities and electric distribution departments have all increased. He proposed the site directly west of the current service center buildings.

Stated in Gieringer’s report, he has identified the one service MMU needs at this point and that is an evaluation of the subsurface soil and groundwater conditions. The estimated cost for the work is $3,000.

Gieringer also stated in his report, workers’ compensation has increased in premium from $244,267 in April 2013 to $270,636 in April 2014. The result is a 9.74 percent increase.

Megan Baldridge, director of employee relations, included in her report an action item to revise the personnel policy “that would allow employees to carry three holidays beyond the last payroll period in May.”

She stated in her report currently, “employees must have their holiday balance down to two holidays by the end of the last pay period in April.” She stated it’s a minor change and the additional month will give employees some time to use up any floating holidays they have left. The board approved unanimously.

Baldridge also stated in her report MMU will soon be advertising for seasonal help this summer. At this point, she stated they’re still determining how many to employ.

Ginny Ismay, director of environmental services, stated in her report the results from the fourth quarter 2013 trihalomethanes and haloacetic acid samplings. She stated “combined with the other 2013 samples, the running annual averages system-wide are 71.5 parts per billion for THMs and 34.5 parts per billion for HAAs.” The maximum contaminant levels for THMs are 80 parts per billion and for HAAs are 60 parts per billion, meaning the averages puts MMU back in compliance.


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