NT CADCAM shows CAM solutions at MACH

Published: March 17, 2014 by Peter MacLeod

NT CADCAM, the UK’s most established SolidWorks reseller, will be on hand to demonstrate cutting-edge advances in Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM solutions), including the very latest simulation software and why challenges with data conversion are a thing of the past at MACH 2014 at stand 4028 in Hall 4, from 7 – 11 April 2014 at the NEC in Birmingham.

James Mitchell, NT CADCAM’s CAM application consultant, said: “When you show people something our software can do in 20 minutes that would have taken them five hours, you do get a few ‘wow’ moments.

“I’m looking forward to showing visitors solutions to things they wouldn’t even have thought to ask because they never dreamed it was possible. It’s a fantastic job when you can help someone on their journey to manufacture their product.”

At MACH 2014, NT CADCAM will be showcasing four key software packages:

SolidWorks by Dassault Systemes and CAMWorks by Geometric

NT CADCAM believes the ideal chain in the product development process is to design the product in SolidWorks, produce the machine toolpaths in CAMWorks, then simulate those toolpaths in Eureka to test and make sure the machine won’t crash or break.

What you’re left with is a piece of code that integrates seamlessly into your Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine.

James continued: “NT CADCAM has been selling CAM products for 16 years. We know how these CAM programs work inside and out and we still believe we have the best CAM software product in CAMWorks, which includes some of the most interesting, cutting-edge technologies available such as Automatic Feature Recognition, Knowledge Based Machining and recognition of over 20 different feature types.”

Eureka powered by Roboris

Eureka, powered by Roboris, fits into the process as a kinematic machine simulation package. The CAD process sometimes can’t take into account fixtures that might be too high, for example.

So Eureka simulates it exactly as it is on the machine. You get a model of the machine, so you can see the tools moving around exactly as if you were standing in front of a real life simulator, rather than putting your £400,000 machine at risk of damage.

NT CADCAM found Eureka to be the most user-friendly software product on the market. It can take code from any CAM system, but if you’re a CAMWorks user it can accept the code at the press of a button and input all the data and simulate it straight away. With Eureka inside CAMWorks, NT CADCAM is one of only two suppliers in the UK who can offer full G-Code with simulation within its CAM package.

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