Open Files Ships DWG Open File Tool for AutoCAD

SACRAMENTO, CA, Mar 12, 2014

Open Files, a company known for its deep multi-year experience in the field of data recovery and repair, has announced the release of DWG Open File Tool, the most advanced and efficient DWG opener available on today’s global market of recovery software.

The program is intended for users looking for a compact, affordable and reliable solution for DWG recovery that can always help them in case of AutoCAD file corruption caused by hardware and software crashes, power issues, viruses and experiments with system software. Based on a completely rewritten file analysis core and uniquely efficient proprietary algorithms, the product offers a whole new level of performance and stability, allowing users to cope with DWG file corruption in minutes.

Since DWG files are used by professionals and, occasionally, regular users, the interface of the program was created with simplicity in mind, which is why it has a bare minimum of control elements. The built-in DWG file browser enables users to preview the recoverable contents of a damaged file using zooming and panning prior to restoring them to a safe location.

This DWG opener works with all versions of the DWG format and can be run on any version of Windows OS without installing any additional components, frameworks or libraries. With DWG Open File Tool, recovery of damaged AutoCAD data becomes a task that anyone can cope with, and does not require even a fraction of the cost of expensive external data recovery services.

“We are excited to release a tool that is definitely going to help thousands of digital artists, architects, designers and other professionals deal with the consequences of data corruption,” commented senior software engineer at Open Files. “The program is now equipped with a state-of-the-art engine that works like a charm, no matter how bad the situation is.”


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