Our Construction Services


We hold this credo faithfully that an engineer is someone who can design something and masters all the necessary skills to turn it into reality. That’s why our engineers are well-versed in every stage of project execution, from start to finish.

Our construction expertise includes:
● Construction management
● Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) documentation
● Steel fabrication
● Load Test and Non-Destructive Test (NDT)
● Assembly and installation
● Commissioning.

Elevated Construction

LIMOV has complete experience in design, fabrication, testing, inspecting, and supervising Form Travelers for various type of bridges. In fact, we are the first company in the world to design the Hybrid Form Traveler for our client’s project in Melak, East Kalimantan. Instead of the ordinary overhead and underhung type, we built a hybrid type which is partly overhead and partly underhung to save weight and significantly reduce dead load to the bridge structure. Below is some of our know-how and experience in elevated construction business.

Hybrid Form Traveler for cable-stayed bridge construction (Melak, East Kalimantan)

Form Traveler for balanced cantilever bridge construction (Becakayu Toll Road, Jakarta)

Launching Gantry for erection of prestressed concrete I-girders (Becakayu Toll Road, Jakarta)

Marine Construction

The LIMOV DNA is at the intersection of Elevated Construction and Marine Construction. We position ourselves as the engineering company that is equally excellent in both onshore and offshore projects. LIMOV has all the essential know-how for working on sea and river such as: Shipbuilding, Ship Stability Analysis, Mooring Analysis, Berthing Analysis, etc. Below is some of our marine works.

Floating Coal Transfer System for offshore coal transshipment (Sebuku Island, South Kalimantan)

Bulk Carrier Barge (Sejinjang, Jambi)

Floating Batching Plant for Kapalbetung Toll Road Project (Musi River, South Sumatra)

Heavy Equipment Modification

Floating Coal Transfer System in Sebuku Island, South Kalimantan. LIMOV designed the Self-Propelled Gantry for Terex RH30-F Mining Excavator and supplied the Wheel Bogies for long travel.

How to put a Mining Excavator on top of a huge gantry that runs back and forth along a 300-feet coal barge? Or how to build the world first Hybrid Form Traveler for Cable-Stayed Bridge? We did them. With detailed analysis, meticulous preparation, and careful execution.

LIMOV is an innovation driven company. We love challenge. Our objective is not only to get the job done, but also to find a better way to get it done, what no one has attempted before. We are continuously looking for the wrong we want to make right.

We believe that is what really matters to you. You don’t want to just get your project done. What you want is to finish your project and bring out innovation at the same time, so that your business can always stay one step ahead of the rest. If that is what you are looking for, we are here at your service.


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